Meet the Walkers

Kelsey (Owner: Milford/Orange walker)

Photo featuring Moo.

I’ve had a love for animals all of my life, especially dogs. Prior to moving to Stamford, I had a backyard farm where I raised ducks and chickens and sold fresh eggs to my neighborhood. My passion for animals has only grown over the years.  I have a Bachelors degree in Occupational Safety and Health; and worked as a Safety Manager for a world-wide construction company for 2 years. Now, I dedicate my time to taking care of all animals in Fairfield county and am living my dream!

Susan (Harbor point Walker)

Photo featuring Liberty.

Meet Susan!! She has been with us a couple months and is walking for the summer months during her off time from school! She just switched to take over the Harbor Point dog pack we have in that area. Every dog is instantly as obsessed with her as she is with them! She’s been a wonderful addition to our team. What a great pack leader!

Claudia ( Stamford Walker)

Photo featuring Issac.

Meet Claudia!! She is our newest pack leader. She spends her days walking with all of our downtown Stamford dogs! She is amazing at understand dog behaviors and is very punctual and attentive with each dog. She also works in the evenings as a nanny! We are beyond happy to have her walking with us!

Liam aka Alex (North Stamford Walker)

Photo featuring Moose.

Meet Liam!! He also goes by Alex on a more personal level as it’s his middle name. He has been amazing with all our pups! He is our dedicated Nowalker, as we call it. He is an absolute dog whisperer. Anyone whoever said their dog doesn’t like men, has been proven wrong when he comes around. All the dogs love him and he can handle all sizes. What a great addition he’s been to our team

Angie (Stamford/Riverside Walker)

Photo featuring Penny and Lucy

Meet Angie! What a beautiful soul! We are so thrilled to have her walking with us. She’s been an amazing addition to the team. Her warmth and sunny personality make all the dogs love her! Thanks for walking with us!

Jean (Branford Walker)

Meet Jean! She has been with us for a few months now! She works part time at a law firm and the other time taking our Branford dogs on a walk. We are hoping to expand in this region so reach out if you know any dogs in the Branford area in need of walks!

Kurt (Brother/Weekly Bookkeeper)


Photo featuring Jakoby.

Kurt has been such a godsend to keeping track of walks as we’ve gotten busier. He helps track walks weekly in order to keep us all up to date. He even helps out with scheduling when Kelsey is unavailable. Even though he’s behind the scenes, he deserves some recognition! Here he is with his handsome dogson Jakoby. Thanks for the help, Kurt!